Lawful gun owners protested at the Virginia Capitol on Monday after the state of Virginia proposed measures which would strongly restrict their Second Amendment rights.

The peaceful, law abiding gun owners were gathering to urge lawmakers to reject the new measures that would include “universal background checks, a ban on military-style rifles and a bill that would allow authorities to temporarily take guns from people deemed dangerous to themselves or others ─ will snowball into attempts to disarm the public,” according to NBC News.

Although the protests were completely peaceful with no arrests, Governor Ralph Northam claimed that there were “threats of violence” as he called for a state of emergency, banning all weapons from the Capitol Square.

“We have received credible intelligence from our law enforcement agencies of threats of violence surrounding the demonstration planned for Monday, January 20,” Northam tweeted. “This includes extremist rhetoric similar to what has been seen before major incidents, such as Charlottesville in 2017.”

This claims by Northam were so ridiculous that even CNN debunked them.

“Look, those threats which called the Governor to call for a state of emergency have simply not emerged,” said CNN reporter Sara Sidner who was present at the rally. “The police are very clear that they have not had a single arrest during this rally and we have been standing here all morning since the very beginning. There are thousands if not tens of thousands of people here.”

WATCH the video below:

Check out what Yahoo News reported in relation to Northam’s moves to degrade the Second Amendment:

The reactions to Northam’s announcement reflect the blend of frustration, paranoia and fear that has been fomenting both online and throughout Virginia in the weeks and months leading up to Monday’s rally. Tens of thousands of armed Second Amendment supporters were expected to descend upon Richmond, including members of out-of-state militia groups.

What started in November as a fight between rural Virginia gun owners and newly elected Democratic lawmakers seeking to propose gun control legislation has since been warped and amplified by extremist groups which, for different reasons, have sought to exploit real tensions around Virginia’s gun debate to advance their own agendas. Over the last two months, these groups have wielded unsubstantiated rumors and fake news reports to promote conspiracy theories about a Democratic plot to forcibly confiscate guns. Such theories have successfully fueled outrage and helped amplify rhetoric online. More recently, as the governor and others have discussed concerns about potential violence at the capitol in Richmond Monday, additional theories have begun to circulate online that the event is actually a setup, and any violence that may take place at the rally is a false flag operation designed to discredit the gun rights cause.