The Left’s ‘cancel culture’ nabbed another victim this week as Marxist administrators at Fordham University banished a high-achieving senior from campus after arbitrarily declaring him a ‘threat.’

By now, any young person attending an American Leftist indoctrination center disguised as ‘university’ or ‘college’ should know that upsetting the groupthink gods will get you in a lot of trouble.

There have been examples aplenty involving kids who dare to say really provocative things like ‘I love America’ or ‘America First’ or ‘All lives matter’ being shouted down, beaten down, and/or expelled because our institutions of ‘higher learning’ aren’t education centers anymore, they’re propaganda houses that would have made Nazi Germany’s minister of brainwashing, Josef Goebbels, gush with pride.

And the Second Amendment? Don’t even go there.

Campus Reform reports:

Austin Tong provided Campus Reform with two letters he said he received from Fordham University Dean of Students Keith Eldredge. The first letter, dated June 8, allegedly informed Tong that the university had launched an investigation to determine whether two of his Instagram posts violated university policy.

The first post, shared on Tong’s personal Instagram account on June 3, shows a picture of David Dorn, the retired African-American police captain who was fatally shot while defending a friend’s pawn shop amid violent protests in St. Louis, and includes the caption, “Y’all a bunch of hypocrites.”

Tong’s second post shows him holding a firearm, which he says he purchased legally, pointed toward the ground. The post contains the caption, “Don’t tread on me. #198964.” The hashtag references the Tiananmen Square Incident, which occurred on June 4, 1989.

For these nominally conservative posts, Tong was tagged by the banishment police at Fordham.

‘Tut-tut,’ they warned. ‘Coloring outside the lines isn’t allowed. And what’s the deal with that gun?’

Tong said was sent a letter from Eldredge informing him that probe into his free-thought heresy had begun. The June 8 letter cited possible violations of “regulations relating to bias and/or hate crimes,” “threats/intimidation,” and “disorderly conduct.”

Translation: ‘You can’t express opinions and viewpoints that we haven’t given you the okay to express.’

“As part of Tong’s disciplinary probation, which will remain in effect until he graduates, Tong is forbidden from representing the university in any official capacity. This includes a ban on him running for or holding leadership roles in student organizations and participation in varsity or club sports,” Campus Reform reported.

“Tong’s access to the university campus without permission from the dean has also been restricted and he is required to complete the rest of his courses online. Tong must also undergo implicit bias training with the Office of Multicultural Affairs and write an apology letter.”

‘Bias training?’ He’s already getting very good instruction in how to be biased from Eldredge and the rest of the Marxist toadies who run the place. What he needs is unbiased training, and he’ll never get that at Fordham or any of America’s ‘elite’ schools.

For his part, Tong is seeking legal counsel, and he should for what he correctly notes was “Soviet-style interrogation and punishment.”

“America is under attack. Americans are being silenced. I hope to use my punishment as a milestone and reflection of the constitutional crisis we are facing today as a society,” he said.