Hillary Clinton Says Some Male Democrat Candidates for 2020 ‘Are Not Likeable’

Published: 5/16/2019 2:20:33 AM


Hillary Clinton, speaking in a wide-ranging interview at Columbia University, claimed many of the male Democrats running for president are “not likeable.”

“There have already been all these stories about them, ‘Are they likeable enough?’ For heaven’s sakes, that is such a sexist question,” she lamented. “And yet it is asked all the time.”

She then proceeded to discuss it, commenting only on the male candidates.

“And you look at these guys who are running and some of them I can tell you from personal experience are not likeable,” Clinton added.

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Three points to be made here, in our view:

1.) She’s right.

2.) The media have made it clear, as has Hillary, that discussing a candidate’s likeability is sexist.

3.) Nobody in the history of politics has been more unlikeable than Hillary Clinton.

And yet, here she was with the chutzpah to criticize others for not being well-received by the public.

So sexist. One can expect Hillary to play the sexism card when it comes to likeability. She is, after all, unable to accept any responsibility for her numerous flaws as a politician.

But questioning that characteristic in a female candidate had been pushed as sexist by the media ad nauseam — usually when the candidate is a Republican. It was easy for the media to lambaste Sarah Palin for her looks and alleged lack of intelligence to portray her as unlikeable.

The second people question Hillary, Elizabeth Warren, or Kamala Harris, they scream sexism.

Ironic, isn’t it, that it was Barack Obama who initially put the argument out there in Hillary’s case?

Still, we have to ask: Is there anyone less likeable than Hillary?

While she may be right that the appeal of the male Democrat candidates is sorely lacking, it’s an odd criticism from an unlikely source.

Many could make the case that Clinton lost the presidency — both in 2008 and 2016 — because she is not well-liked even by members of her own party. She is a profoundly unlikeable person, regardless of gender.

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