Immigration News

Biden To ‘Immediately’ Send Congress Bill That Would Offer Citizenship To 11 Million Illegals
January 17, 2021
California Judges Reopen ‘Flores’ Border Gate for Coyotes, Cartels, Migrants
December 31, 2020
Cruz Blocks Democrat-Backed Bill that Would Open Pipeline of Migrants from Hong Kong to U.S.
December 20, 2020
Watch–Joe Biden: Amnesty for Over 11 Million Illegal Aliens Going to Senate in My First 100 Days
November 26, 2020
Illegal Alien Crossings Surging in Anticipation of Biden Presidency
November 23, 2020
Arizona Border Sheriff Mocks Leftists Over Trump ‘Coyote’ Reference: ‘Not a Joke To Us Out Here’
October 26, 2020
Illegal Border Crossings Are Back On The Rise After Hitting Three-Year Low
October 15, 2020
New Migrant Caravan, Headed For US Border, Turned Back In Guatemala
October 4, 2020
Los Angeles Ignored Roughly 25,000 Requests From ICE To Turn Over Illegal Immigrants Arrested For Other Crimes
August 23, 2020
Supreme Court Preserves DACA, Work Permits for 700,000 Illegal Immigrants
June 18, 2020
Seattle ‘Autonomous Zone’ Demands U.S. Citizenship for 11 to 22M Illegal Aliens
June 13, 2020
Illegal Aliens Jam Phone Lines as California Offers $500 Each in Coronavirus Relief
May 19, 2020
Illegal Alien Accused of Spitting on Fruit in Florida Grocery Store
May 3, 2020
Trump to Suspend Immigration to the U.S. During Coronavirus Crisis
April 21, 2020
CA Gov. Newsom: Stimulus Checks to Illegals ‘Being Considered’
April 9, 2020
Claim They're Going Shopping: Border Officials Allow Hundreds Of Mexican Vehicles To Cross Despite Trump Ban
March 21, 2020
Ninth Circuit Reopens Border, Blocks Donald Trump’s ‘Return to Mexico’ Policy
February 29, 2020
Trump Win: Court Rules Trump Can Withhold Funds To States With ‘Sanctuary Cities’
February 27, 2020
Greyhound to Stop Allowing Unwarranted Immigration Searches on Buses
February 23, 2020
Report: Mick Mulvaney Claims U.S. ‘Needs More Immigrants’ Because Country ‘Running Out of People’
February 22, 2020
New Law in Cambridge, MA Instructs Police Not To Arrest Illegals for Unlicensed Driving
February 21, 2020
Illegal Alien Acquitted for Kate Steinle’s Murder Deemed Mentally Ill, Unfit to Stand Trial for Gun Charges
February 20, 2020
Report: Trump Deploying ‘Elite Tactical Agents’ to 10 Sanctuary Cities
February 15, 2020
BREAKING: AG Barr Announces Sweeping Sanctions Against Sanctuary Cities
February 11, 2020
New York Politicians Shield Illegals, So DHS Makes Airport Security a Nightmare for Them
February 10, 2020
Tucker Carlson Exposes The Most Radical Immigration Bill That Is Designed To Create A Whole New Country
February 10, 2020
Report: Trump Readies Plan to Crack Down on ‘Birth Tourism’ in U.S.
January 21, 2020
VIDEOS: Hundreds of Caravan Migrants Rush Mexico’s Border
January 20, 2020
‘Height Of Hypocrisy’: ICE Rips New York For Not Turning Over Illegal Alien Now Accused Of Killing 92-Year-Old Woman
January 16, 2020
Jill Biden: Let Asylum Seekers In; Fill Empty Rural American Communities
January 15, 2020
Appeals Court Releases $3.6 Billion for Border Wall
January 9, 2020
Homeland Security Chief Orders Review Of State Laws Allowing Driver’s Licenses For Illegal Aliens
January 1, 2020
Nothing Says 'Happy New Year' Quite Like Giving Taxpayer-Funded Health Care to Illegal Aliens
January 1, 2020
New York Jailbreak: Illegal Alien Freed After Allegedly Killing Mother of Three on Christmas Eve
December 28, 2019
Study: Immigration to Redistribute 26 Congressional Seats to Blue States for 2022 Election
December 23, 2019
Critics Accused ICE Of Entrapping Students With A Fake University — But The Agency Is Releasing Undercover Footage
December 22, 2019
Joe Biden Promises Flood of Foreign Graduates for Investors, Paperwork Protections for Americans
December 19, 2019
ICE Deports Over Quarter of a Million Illegals, 5.5K Gang Members in 2019
December 12, 2019
Donald Trump Backs Down on Plan to Designate Mexican Cartels Terrorists
December 8, 2019
Joe Biden Says 3 Million Deportations Is ‘Nothing’ To Apologize For
December 7, 2019
Texas Couple Gets Sentenced to a Total of 155 Months for Smuggling Over 100 Illegal Immigrants Across the Border
December 4, 2019
‘Terrorize The Community’: ICE Blasts New York Authorities For Releasing Illegal Alien Accused Of Manslaughter
December 3, 2019
ICE Catches Alleged Child Sexual Predator Repeatedly Released By Philadelphia Police
December 1, 2019
Soros-Funded Group: ‘We Need to Abolish ICE’ to Protect Accused Visa Fraudsters
November 30, 2019
Illegal Alien Returns to U.S. After Killing Four American Kids in 2008
November 29, 2019
Barack Obama Started the 'Fake University' ICE Sting Liberals Are so Outraged About
November 29, 2019
Mexico Will Reject U.S. Designations of Cartels as Terrorists, Says AMLO
November 25, 2019
Jimmy Hoffa Jr. Decries ICE Raids As ‘Assault On Workers’
November 25, 2019
Ronald Da Silva’s Illegal Alien Murderer Deported to Mexico After Decades-Long Fight by Angel Mom
November 25, 2019
Donald Trump Floats Deal with Democrats to Let DACA Recipients Stay
November 12, 2019