A report from Republicans on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee reveals that the Trump administration’s reunited the vast majority of children at the border with their parents or a guardian.

Data from the Department of Health and Human Services indicates that 95% of kids released from custody have been “reunified with an individual sponsor or released to a parent.”

The document identifies more than 2,500 children separated at the border. According to the metrics — of 1,619 — 99% have been discharged.

From the report:

Of the 1,603 discharged children, 1,546 children—or 95 percent—were either reunified with an individual sponsor or released to a parent. Specifically, 1,061 children were released to a parent and 485 children were reunified with an individual sponsor,”

So what of the remainder?

Of the remaining 73 children who had not been reunited with an individual sponsor or released to a parent, HHS provided the following data:

▪ 16 children remain in the care of HHS’s Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR), of which four children were determined to not have been separated from their parent; ▪ 21 children sought a voluntary departure, meaning that the child went back to his or her home country; ▪ 20 children aged out, meaning that these children turned 18 and by law ORR cannot keep them in their custody;

Furthermore, the report corrects a misconception that 30 minors remain cruelly separated from their parents:

Although Democrats allege that 30 children remain separated from their families, these children remain separated largely because either the parents pose a danger to their child or the parents have expressed an intent not to reunify with their child.

We have problems at the border. And adults who’ve attempted to sneak into the country have been detained — as they were under Obama as well.

The situation is a mess. But thanks to the report for providing a better understanding of what’s going on amid the crisis.