The Flores Agreement has been arguably the biggest draw for asylum-seeking migrants who have created the border crisis in recent months. In the agreement, children may not be held in migrant facilities for longer than 20 days, which gives families a quick release into the United States interior as well as, in most cases, work permits.

According to a report by One America News correspondent Ryan James Girdusky, the White House will be unveiling changes Wednesday or Thursday this week. These changes will allow for longer detention of family units. This is important because asylum hearings never happen within the 20-day Flores period, forcing asylum seekers to be released before their claims are adjudicated. With 90% of asylum seekers not showing up for their hearings after they’re released, according to acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan, children have become essentially a free ticket to the United States interior.

Enacted in 1997 as an agreement to deal with the repercussions of a 1987 case, Flores v. Reno, it has been used as the standard by which illegal immigrants family units and unaccompanied minors are to be treated while in border patrol custody. It was intended as a humanitarian control to ensure children crossing the border illegally had proper facilities and care. Moreover, it established the protocols required to seek out the nearest relatives with which to place unaccompanied children.

In theory, the agreement was properly conceived and administered. But with the influx of migrants since last year who are conspicuously armed with knowledge of loopholes to help them circumvent our laws, calls have been made by conservative groups to reexamine the Flores Agreement. It was never meant to be the release loophole it has been turned into today. It was intended to protect children, but today it is putting them in more jeopardy as they’re being used as “tickets” for entry and release. Many are being “rented” or even sold to people in a “marketplace of children” at the border.

MS-13, the notorious transnational gang spreading extreme heinous violence across North and South America, is conspicuous in their use of children because of the current state of the Flores agreement.

MS-13 is spreading the word for members to cross the border with fake family units Now that word is being spread for MS-13 gang members to grab kids and use them to cross the border, the left’s policies are being used to harm innocent children in Central America. The “compassion” of the left is doing so much harm to everyone involved… everyone other than the gang members they are graciously supporting with their policies.

Changing the Flores Agreement will have an immediate and substantial impact on the border crisis. Illegal immigrants will no longer be able to use children as “tickets” to get released into the interior. This is a spectacular move by the White House.