The illegal alien convicted for murdering 29-year-old Ronald Da Silva in cold blood has been deported to Mexico, after Silva’s mother has fought for years to ensure her son’s killer would not be released by the sanctuary state of California. In 2002, Silva was murdered by illegal alien gang member Luis Gonzalez in El Monte, California, after having already been deported from the United States and arrested for assault and domestic violence.

Since Silva’s murder, his mother Agnes Gibboney — a legal immigrant born in Hungary — has fought alongside other Angel Moms and Angel Dads against illegal alien crime and on behalf of victims such as her son.

Gibboney had pleaded with the sanctuary state of California to turn her son’s killer over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) so that he would not be freely released into the U.S. interior.

This weekend, ICE officials confirmed that they had worked with the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation to take over custody of Gonzalez. The convicted illegal alien killer was processed on Friday and deported to his native Mexico.

President Trump, via Twitter, sent Gibboney a warm congratulations after news broke of Gonzalez’s deportation to Mexico, writing, “Agnes, your great boy Ronald is looking down, very proud of you”:

“We do not need [sanctuary cities] in our country, we do not need them anywhere to continue victimizing innocent people because there is no coming back from this, this is permanent,” Gibboney said. “Now, this individual that murdered my son, his family can go over to Mexico to see him and hug him. I will never see my son on this earth again and this is not fair.”

Gonzalez was convicted for burglary in 1994 and 1996. Three years later, a U.S. federal immigration judge ordered him to be deported. The illegal alien was deported in February 1999, but at an unknown time returned and murdered Silva in 2002.

Gonzalez served only an 11-year prison sentence for manslaughter in his shooting of Silva.