Representative Ilhan Omar is clearly in a lot of trouble. A phrase progressive media has been uttering about President Trump for the last three years – “the walls are closing in” – seems to be more aptly directed at the Minnesota Congresswoman. Her timeline of events are questionable at best and possibly indicative of past criminal activity.

Conservative pundit Glenn Beck took to his famous chalkboard to break down the timeline of family events that have surrounded the freshman Representative since 2016 when small conservative publications started calling out her marriage statuses over the years. Now, mainstream media, politicians on both sides of the aisle, and possibly even law enforcement are finally taking a closer look at whether or not she committed immigration and tax fraud while trying to help her brother become a United States citizen.

Even her own hometown cheerleading media squad, the Star Tribune, had to friendly journalists scratching their heads about the details surrounding her odd marriage situations. Faith marriages, legal marriages, Christian marriages, strange living arrangements… and this was before it was reported she may be separating from her current and former husband.

Beck’s portrayal of Ilhan Omar’s marriage timeline is ludicrous, infuriating, and over-the-top. It’s also accurate based on the events as she’s described them. Democrats are focused on presidential impeachment when they should be looking at congressional expulsion.