Well, this is awkward.

Michael Moore says he has cancelled his gym membership with SoulCycle because its billionaire owner plans to host a fundraiser for President Trump.

Yes, really.

SoulCycle is a fitness company based in NYC that offers indoor cycling workout classes.

Responding to a story from the Daily Beast which confirms that owner Stephen Ross is set to host a Hamptons fundraiser for Trump for which tickets will cost $100,000, Moore made his feelings known to his 6 million followers.

“That’s it! Just cancelled my @SoulCycle membership!” he tweeted.

Given that the liberal film maker is not noted for being in peak physical condition, the tweet was quickly ‘ratioed’ and has received almost 9,000 responses, many of them derisory.

Others asked whether or not Moore was joking given that SoulCycle doesn’t even offer monthly memberships.

Here’s a selection. Enjoy.