Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz responded Monday after singer Bette Midler attacked him in a Sunday tweet, calling him “spineless.”

Cruz appeared to have set the singer off by tweeting his condolences to the Midland-Odessa community following the mass shooting that took place over the weekend.

Saying that he and his wife Heidi were “heartbroken” over the news, Cruz tweeted his thanks to law enforcement, saying, “We are thankful for the law enforcement officers who heroically risked their lives and acted swiftly to stop the shooter and save others. Their courage helped prevent even more senseless deaths, and we honor their tireless commitment to protecting us all.”

Midler responded by claiming that Cruz had taken “NO action in the Senate” to make changes, tweeting, “You and your broken heart. #FakeYou! You are spineless and utterly without morality or shame. Your words means zero; you keep repeating the same sentiments.”

Cruz responded by complimenting Midler’s musical talent. “Bette, you’re an amazing singer, but spewing hate & insults only contributes to the tragic division in our Nation,” he tweeted. In addition, he shared an example of legislation he had worked to pass that would have helped keep guns away from people with serious mental illnesses. That legislation, S.649, was filibustered by Democrats in 2013, Cruz noted.