The leftist media folks at CNN had an idea. They could draw attention to their network amidst plummeting ratings by hosting a seven-hour town hall with ten Democratic candidates on the topic of climate change. Everyone loves to talk about climate change, they thought. This will certainly boost their profile and bring back millions of lost viewers.

Except, it didn’t. Their debacle of a town hall helped them finish dead last, as usual. They had an average of 1.1 million viewers for the town hall. By contrast, Fox News ran regularly programming at the time and had 227% of CNN’s viewers, finishing with 2.5 million. MSNBC was in the middle with 1.7 million average viewers while also running regular programming.

As noted by a colleague, the town hall demonstrated why the DNC is so adamant about not having a climate-change-themed debate. They realize the radical ideas of their candidates on the issue will drive away lucid voters.

But there was a silver lining for CNN:

CNN climate town hall finishes last in viewers among cable news broadcasts During the 8 p.m.-11 p.m. hours of prime time, Fox News averaged 3.2 million total viewers, placing first. MSNBC was second with a 2.2 million average and CNN third with 1.4 million.

However the average 1.4 million tuning in to CNN for the event was well above its average in primetime in 2019.

CNN hosted the climate change event amid increased attention being devoted to the subject during the Democratic primary.

The climate change town hall may have highlighted the unhinged policies the DNC has been hiding about their candidates, but at least it was held by CNN. If it was on another channel, more people would have actually seen the debacle.