If you know anyone who planned on watching yesterday’s CNN climate change town hall and you haven’t heard from them, check on them immediately. Hopefully, they just fell asleep through the unhinged marathon of silliness. But there’s a chance they injured themselves while laughing at fearmongering about straws. Or cows. Or how this time the same 10-years-to-apocalypse claim climate (political) scientists have been making since the 1960s is the real deal.

What will save the environment? Abortions, if you ask Bernie Sanders. Food education, if you ask Kamala Harris. America joining the war against the modern day version of the Axis powers. if you ask Pete Buttigieg or Beto O’Rourke. Admittedly, I didn’t watch it. I couldn’t. I haven’t watched seven hours of CNN this decade. I wasn’t going to do it this time when I already knew what would be said. We all knew most Democratic candidates are pulling their party as far to the left as possible, especially on contentious issues like climate change. But what nobody knew was just how bad their rhetoric would be until we watched the highlights.

Well, one group knew. The DNC was well-aware of the problem they face with extremist-approved climate change solutions. They’ve allowed it to spread through the base and into the pandering playbooks used by every major Democratic candidate. And as the DNC knows, these ideas are not shared by many moderates. Sure, they want solutions, but not like this. The DNC knows the radical climate change ideology being embraced by candidates is not something that would put average voters at ease.

This is why they declined having a climate change debate. But CNN did the best thing they’ve done in decades for the American people by exposing us to the radical changes being proposed by candidates.

The Daily Caller compiled a list of seven standout moments. Here’s my least favorite:

“If [Republicans] fail to act, as president of the United States, I am prepared to get rid of the filibuster to pass a Green New Deal.” – Sen. Kamala Harris

There were so many noteworthy soundbites that benefit the Trump campaign, it will take a while to parse through them all. Whichever Democrat wins the nomination will have a very hard time walking back what they said yesterday.