As ham-fisted attempts at propaganda go, this is one of the most comical I’ve seen in all my years covering politics. Newsweek and other news outlets are already pushing a storyline that I’ve heard floating around both progressive and NeverTrump conservative circles for the last month or so. The idea is pretty straight forward: Try to get Trump supporters to accept that his impeachment wouldn’t be so bad because Vice President Mike Pence would fill his shoes.

It’s an ugly ploy, and frankly one that might actually work on some of the feckless RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) in the Senate, people like Mitt Romney. I can even see a scenario in which Romney makes a play to have himself appointed Vice President, though I couldn’t imagine Pence, a stalwart Christian conservative, giving fake conservative Romney the time of day.

In advertising, this is called “assuming the sale.” Instead of focusing on the reasons for impeachment, they want to get Republicans thinking about the results of impeachment as if it’s bound to happen. You might hear a car salesman tell you during a test drive, “When you pick up the kids from school on Monday they’ll be happy to hop in this ride with their friends watching in envy.”

This and other articles like it are trying to get Republicans to imagine the scenario played out with the Vice President ascending to the Oval Office because doing so is intended to weaken support for the President. It’s not necessarily an appeal to the President’s strong supporters, but instead is a ploy targeting Independents and lukewarm supporters to weaken their opposition to impeachment.

Contrary to manipulative polls and unhinged talking heads in mainstream media, impeachment is not a popular avenue to average Americans. Even many Democrats are opposed to the notion of “beating” the President in this manner. Americans generally believe in fair play. We want to see the President up against the Democratic nominee head-to-head in a battle of ideas, not a constitutional loophole that was intended to protect against “high crimes and misdemeanors.”

Even if you believe the President, as chief diplomat for our nation, pressured Ukraine to investigate Burisma, it’s a far cry from being an impeachable offense. Americans are coming to realize this even as House Democrats continue their hail-mary attempt to subvert the results of the 2016 election. They should be focused on solving America’s problems, not petty political games that does actual harm to our nation.

I like Mike Pence. He’s a supportive VP. But patriots voted for President Trump and we’re going to fight tooth and nail to make sure he remains our president for the next five years. The left can flush their propaganda down the toilet.