“Squad” member Ilhan Omar (D-MN) made a memorable appearance at a rally for Bernie Sanders in her home state. At the rally, the freshman, far left wing congresswoman told the assembled crowd they needed fight against “Western imperialism” and voting for Bernie Sanders was the way to do it. She also led the crowd in chants of “lock him up” in reference to President Trump.

Omar has always been far left and has done and said plenty of things that could be deemed anti-American. Her attack on “Western imperialism” though was the most pointed attack on the country she was elected to represent to date. This statement has drawn both praise from the left and condemnation from the right.

Omar is no stranger to controversy but recently, it has been more personal than political. She is currently going through a divorce with her second husband because of an affair with a staff member which seems may have violated campaign finance laws. There are also reports that her first husband was actually her brother whom she married to get him to the U.S.