Mainstream media hates President Trump. We all know it based on their incessant and breathless attacks on everything he does, from fact-checking a funny picture he Tweeted with his head on Rocky Balboa’s body to criticizing his past Thanksgiving dinners as large while poor people starve. Newsweek did both of these things and more in an article today critiquing his Thanksgiving plans. Unfortunately for them, he didn’t tell the press he was traveling to Afghanistan to spend Thanksgiving with the troops. He just did it.

Newsweek was especially embarrassing (though they likely feel no shame over it) in the way they handled their annual Turkey Day attack on the Commander-in-Chief. They talked of excess and golfing, stone crab and his aforementioned Rocky Balboa Tweet, framing it in a way that would make Americans think he’s living it up on his golden throne while the oppressed proletariat sit in our shanty towns eating from the garbage. In reality, he is spending his Thanksgiving in a war zone.

As they media is wont to do, they spent an entire article bashing the President over his Thanksgiving activities before noting in an update at the bottom that none of what they predicted was true. Of course, they didn’t admit it wasn’t true. If anything, the way they worded it was as if the President read the article and thought, “Oh crap, I better hop on a plan and go visit the troops!”

What mainstream media refuses to acknowledge is that the President is doing everything he can to truly make America great again. His biggest roadblocks are Democrats obstructing and impeaching while mainstream media cheers them on. With all that he’s accomplished, from record-low unemployment to keeping us out of Bush’s and Obama’s wars, imagine what he could do with Republicans back in charge of the House of Representatives?

There are two things Americans need to do. First and foremost, we must reelect this President and vote Democrats out of office far and wide. Second, we need to support independent, truthful media like NOQ Report to battle the unhinged propaganda being spewed forth by mainstream media.

Mainstream media hates President Trump. That’s why they are forced to make up stories to drive their narrative while burying corrections at the bottom. They are not real journalists. They are enemies of the truth. They are enemies of the people.