Failed 2020 presidential candidate Eric Swalwell tried to push Democratic talking points about impeachment on CNN – but things backfired on him in a horrible way.

During an interview Tuesday night on CNN, host Jake Tapper left Swalwell speechless with one simple question about impeachment.

Tapper cornered Swalwell by asking about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s strategy of refusing to send articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump to the GOP-controlled Senate for trial in hopes of pressuring Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to bow to Democrats’ terms.

“With all due respect, this leverage gambit does not seem to have worked,” Tapper said.

What’s telling here is that Swalwell didn’t handle Tapper’s questions well at all.

Tapper started by asking how Democrats expected to force McConnell’s hand after the majority leader’s announcement Tuesday that he had the votes to proceed with a Senate impeachment trial — on Republican terms.

Swalwell tried bringing up the announcement by former National Security Advisor John Bolton that he would testify in the Senate if he were subpoenaed.

“Well, [McConnell] should just do the right thing,” Swalwell said.

“You know, having the votes is one thing, but if you have a key witness that the House was not able to obtain who is now saying he’s willing to come forward, the right thing seems to be, well, let’s hear from this witness.”

Tapper, who was clearly not buying it, then pushed Swalwell on why McConnell, the leader of the Senate Republicans and a solid supporter of the president, should do what Democrats think is the “right thing.”

Near the end of the interview, Tapper asked why the Senate should bother calling witnesses when House Democrats rushed their impeachment hearings and refused to let Republicans call a single witness.


Swalwell then tried claiming Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts presiding over the Senate trial would make it unnecessary to take their fight to the courts to compel witness to testify in the Senate.

Tapper wasn’t buying that, either.

“I guess I wonder just like, ‘What world do you guys live in?’ if you think that Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts is gonna get his robe dirty with the political tenor of this, or Mitch McConnell is gonna feel in any way pressured to do the trial the way House Democrats want to do it, when this is a guy that wouldn’t even have a hearing for Merrick Garland,” he said.

“I understand you live in a world where you think things should be in a certain way but that’s not the world that I live in,” Tapper added.

For once, Tapper was actually spot on.