Watch as Tucker Carlson slams Chelsea Clinton for making millions off of her family name, just like Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden:

Here is a partial transcript, edited for clarity, which says it ALL. Tucker really nails this:

“This whole impeachment process, we have learned how it all really works in the ruling class.

Don’t forget that there is “No evidence” Biden broke the law taking money from people hoping to influence his father. The sad thing is they are technically right.

There is nothing illegal about paying de facto bribes by handing fake jobs to the unqualified family members of powerful people.

Since it’s perfectly legal, naturally Hunter Biden isn’t the only one shamelessly cashing in on his family name, hardly.

Here is one offender, Chelsea Clinton.

Certified nongenius, since 2011 Chelsea Clinton has served on the board of a company called Letter IAC, media and online investment company. When she started serving, she was barely in her 30s, just a few years of nondistinguished work experience.

But IAC paid for her like a seasoned expert, she got a 60,000 year salary plus a quarter million in stock.

Here is the payoff, her stake in IAC had grown to just under $9 million. The good news for Chelsea is sitting on the board of the company has not been very demanding.

At the same time she was taking millions from them, she was getting $600,000 a year for example from NBC to produce a handful of forgettable television segments, paying her another quarter million dollars a year.

She’s kept busy working as Vice Chair of the Clinton Foundation, writing bad children’s books, and lecturing America from her perch on Twitter. Read her feed sometime. It’ll tell you a lot.

She went to Stanford, by the way, unlike you. How much money is that?

The average American would have to work five lifetimes to $9 million that Chelsea Clinton collected from IAC for doing nothing, but Chelsea Clinton did it in less than a decade because she had the right last name. Just in case you are wondering.”