John Kerry really isn’t the person who has any standing to talk about what should be done in regards to Iran.

But that hasn’t stopped him from getting out in media and trying to spin the colossal failure of their dealings with Iran. We’ve reported here and here on how they sent “pallets of cash” to Iran plus lifted sanctions, releasing $150 billion some of which Kerry acknowledged would go to terrorists.

President Donald Trump nailed him for it in a tweet.

Kerry Was appearing on CBS’ “Face the Nation” to do more spinning.

Except then, astonishingly, an act of journalism, good job, CBS, they called him on it, mentioned the president’s tweet and brought up exactly what Kerry said about the money in 2016.

He did it knowing and admitting “some of it will end up in the hands of the IRGC [Soleimani’s terrorist group] “some of which are labeled terrorists.” According to reports, the deal specifically released sanctions on Soleimani himself, as well as other IRGC leaders. But basically, oh, well, spit happens, nothing we can do.

He was completely caught flat-footed and boy, did he scramble and sputter, “The president’s tweet is a lie” despite his own words showing demonstrably it was not a lie. Then he tried to spin it as “most of it was going to the economy,” a fact the Iranian people would certainly take issue with, but still wouldn’t change that some was going to terrorists. Of course, that’s not the real problem, according to Kerry, the real problem is “Trump’s lies” (otherwise known as nailing Kerry with truth).