We’ve seen a lot of crazy overreaction by liberals to the coronavirus response from President Trump and the rest of his administration, but what this one filmmaker just unveiled in Times Square is really ramping up the melodrama to new heights.

Eugene Jarecki, the same guy who helped make the documentary film, Freakonomics put a coronavirus death toll tracker in Times Square and has dubbed it the “Trump Death Clock.”

Because, apparently, every single death from the coronavirus is all Trump’s fault. This is the kind of crazy the left has plunged into lately.

“This suffering cannot be forgotten. As of today, tens of thousands of Americans have lost their lives as a consequence of the administration’s failure to act sooner, so it’s no wonder the president excoriates reporters who ask him why he waited so long to implement the guidelines. Trump’s fallback when he is under scrutiny is to deflect, attack, and distract. But will this work when his decisions have led to a loss of American lives? How will the President be held responsible?” Jarecki wrote in an op-ed for the Washington Post last week.

“Just as the names of fallen soldiers are etched on memorials to remind us of the cost of war, quantifying the lives lost to the president’s delayed coronavirus response would serve a vital public function,” he added.

To compare the victims of coronavirus to those of fallen soldiers is incredibly disrespectful, both to the families who have lost loved ones to the virus and to the brave men and women who chose to make the ultimate sacrifice for our nation and way of life.

If Jarecki wants to milk this whole COVID-19 thing for some extra fame and notoriety, there has to be a better way to do it than all of this ridiculous sensationalism. His antics are not amusing in the slightest.