As other Democratic governors including Andrew Cuomo in New York and Phil Murphy in New Jersey were issuing orders to nursing homes in their states to take coronavirus patients despite the elevated risks, controversial Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer issued one as well.

And now, calls to get her to rescind the asinine order are pouring in.

An editorial in the Detroit News not only questioned the lack of foresight and wisdom in Whitmer’s April order, but is now calling for her to get rid of it before more eldercare patients are infected and killed by COVID-19.

The editorial notes:

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer must reverse course on her executive order that is placing Michigan’s most vulnerable seniors at risk. It’s a matter of life and death.

In mid-April Whitmer issued an executive order that ultimately instructed many of the state’s nursing homes to accept COVID-19 patients. That put other residents in jeopardy, and may well have contributed to the high death rate in Michigan nursing homes.

Of the more than 90,000 coronavirus deaths in the United States — if that number can even be trusted — about one-third of them have occurred in nursing homes around the country, and this, despite the fact that health experts have understood from the very beginning of the outbreak that older people were far more vulnerable to being killed by the disease.

The same is true in Michigan, the editorial notes, though state health officials haven’t “been able to offer concrete numbers” (wonder why?).

The paper noted that after Cuomo came under heavy fire for his ignorant order, which was issued in mid-March, he has since rescinded it.

“Whitmer, by contrast, renewed her initial order when it expired last week, extending it with an identical mandate — disregarding the concerns and advice of nursing home advocates and legislators,” the paper’s editorial noted.

For some reason, the order requires nursing homes with less than 80 percent capacity to created “COVID-19 wards” so that patients can be isolated. But that hasn’t worked well anywhere else; why does Whitmer think it’ll work in her state?

“These were areas that we immediately brought to the attention of the state and said you shouldn’t be implementing this in this manner,” Melissa Samuel, president of the Health Care Association of Michigan told the Detroit News.

The paper added that the order was only extended for a week and that Whitmer is currently considering whether to end it altogether when the current order expires. “She should,” the op-ed notes.

Actually, she (and the other Democrat governors) should never have allowed infected patients into nursing homes in the first place. Readers may recall that the very first COVID-19 “hot spot” in the U.S. occurred in a Washington State nursing home. Back in late February.

“We are very concerned about an outbreak in a setting where there are many older people, as we would be wherever people who are susceptible might be gathering,” said Jeff Duchin, health officer for public health for Seattle and King County, according to Stat News (emphasis added).

And yet, moronic Democrat governors like Cuomo, Murphy, and Whitmer have essentially consigned thousands of elderly Americans to a death sentence by ensuring they were in closer proximity with infected people. Dumb and dumber.

For his part, Cuomo has already pardoned himself. He said over the weekend in response to a reporter’s question about holding people accountable that “nobody should be prosecuted.”

We’re not so sure about that, governor.

But at a bare minimum, Americans living in states where their governors intentionally put elderly loved ones at greater risk of contracting and dying from coronavirus ought to at least hold them accountable at the ballot box.