It’s a very, very strange time.

Last week, an innocent man’s life was taken. In purported response, champions of justice are ensuring innocent peoples’ businesses are taken.

And many law enforcement members, in the aftermath of four now-fired members not protecting a citizen’s life, have taken the position (under orders) of not protecting any citizen’s business.

But for Seattle city councilmember Tammy Morales, it seems we’re on the right track — with all the mayhem.

In a City Council video briefing, she made clear what she doesn’t want to hear:

“[W]hat I don’t wanna hear is for our constituents to be told to be civil.”

This feels like a good place to wrap up the article. Just let that marinate for the rest of the month — those are the words of a member of Seattle’s city council.

Yet, there’s more:

“[W]hat I don’t wanna hear is for our constituents to be told to be civil. Not to be reactionary. To be told that looting doesn’t solve anything.”

I wish she’d gone on to explain what things looting does solve.

As a non-city councilmember myself, I know looting can solve someone’s need for a new, stolen Rolex. And I’m aware it can solve a small business owner’s need for their life’s work to be destroyed.

And I realize the violence can solve taxpayers’ aching for their rates to be raised in order to repair the public damage.

As for benefits beyond that, she didn’t expound.

“It does make me wonder, the council lady said, “and ask the question why looting bothers people so much more than knowing that across the country, black men and women are dying every day, and far too often at the hands of those who are sworn to protect and serve.”

Does looting bother citizens more than murder? Are people allowed to only be bothered by one thing? If so, I know some who’ll be pleased as punch to find out.

It is, of course, tragically true that Americans at times have died at the hands of brutal cops. That is an outrageous injustice and an evil social ill.

Is it addressed by a twentysomething in black sweat pants commandeering a new pair of hot LeBrons from the bashed-in Foot Locker on 42nd street? Or how about money from the register of a local bar and grill?

Why “bother” driving all the way out to the business district? If looters are ultimately just stealing stuff from their neighbors, how about just walk next door and call it a day?

What about the neighbors of city council members?

Tammy should beat ’em to it — let herself in and snatch a Hot Pocket. It’s quicker than taking the hot merchandise — and, effectively, cash — from the pockets of neighborly, law-abiding entrepreneurs.

Tammy’s not alone in her tolerance. Some others in the Starbucks state are taking a softer stance as well.

As noted by The Daily Caller, Democratic Pennsylvania Rep. Brendan Boyle recently got word his office had been sacked:

“Just learned one of my district offices has been broken into and is currently being looted. We have notified the authorities.”

But he’s cool:

“If those who are currently breaking into and looting my office really want our voter registration forms because they’re in such high demand, then I would be totally cool with that.”