On Tuesday night, a Black Lives Matter (BLM) protester had a field day spewing expletives against a group of police officers in Washington, DC, calling a black cop a “bitch-ass [n-word].”

The moment was caught on video, where the angry protester was seen challenging the police officer to look him in the eye. “You can’t swallow your pride and dignity and understand the hurt… Can’t even look me in the eye because you’re a bitch,” the protester told an officer before moving to the next.

He then yelled at the next officer and asked him to look him in the eye, when the officer didn’t, he exclaimed that “the fuck you can’t because you’re a bitch also.” Moving on to another officer, he told him to set his timer for 8 minutes and 46 seconds, saying that it was how long George Floyd said that he couldn’t breathe, while the “white man” didn’t move a muscle. The protester went down the line and paused to yell at a black officer.

“Why the fuck aren’t you over here with your people,” the protester shouted at the officer. Then he continued, saying, “And you’re on that side. Because you’re a bitch-ass [n-word]. Keep sucking that white man’s dick.”


Several news outlets such as Breitbart News were able to capture tense moments between the BLM protesters and police officers during the recent protests in Washington, DC. In most cases, the demonstrators can be seen insulting, attacking, and disrespecting police officers, while the cops just stand there and do their duties to protect the nation.

In one of the confrontations, protesters were heard insulting a black female officer and even included her ancestors. “Her ancestors are upset with her… She needs to work through the trauma that has her out here. The internalized trauma,” a male protester told a female cop.

Another protester yelled at a group of cops, saying that he doesn’t give a fuck if it was their job and that he doesn’t respect them because all they do is “prioritize money over humanity.” He then compared the cops to white supremacists.

Then another angry rioter accused the officers of brutalizing them, saying that police officers don’t even see black people as people, instead just “fucking pieces of meat.”

Confrontations of this kind are often witnessed during protests across the nation, with some protesters becoming more and more hurtful and insulting each day, as they continue to call on the defunding of the police force.