It seemed that Hollywood stars had developed a penchant to watch President Donald Trump fail. As Trump concluded his kickoff rally, stars did not hesitate to insult and heckle at the number of attendees who came into the rally.

After months of the economic shutdown, President Donald Trump returned to his campaign trail. Only this time, the event came as a great departure from his iconic MAGA rallies. Unfortunately, half of the BOK stadium was empty. This came as a huge surprise since the President’s campaign team had received nearly a million requests for the event.

While GOP supporters were saddened by the low attendance rate, Hollywood supporters gloated at the empty seats. In a Twitter post, Star Trek actor George Takei boasted how an “army of TikTok Teens” was able to dupe Trump’s campaign manager, Brad Parscale, into believing that there were thousands of people that are excited to see the event.

However, Parscale had already denied the possibility that users of Tiktok, a Chinese owned media platform, was able to successfully sabotage the event. In fact, the campaign manager explained that the team had constantly “weed out” bogus cellphone numbers and that the event was on a first-come-first-serve basis. Another Hollywood star, Patton Oswalt, described the rally as a “Puppet Show.”

Actress and comedian, Rosie said two short words, “love it.”

Aging star Mia farrow also mocked Trump’s event by saying that it was “overflowing with people.”

While Judd Apatow suggested that the President does not really care if his supporters die due to a COVID-19 infection.

In an official statement, Parscale pointed out that media should be held liable for the low attendance rate due to allegations that the rally can be a possible virus “super spreader.” For weeks leading into the even, the media establishment had constantly intimidated the crowd into believing that attending the Tulsa rally can be harmful.

However, no one could be more disappointed than the President himself. According to reports from the DailyWire, the President had been extremely “shocked” and concerned over Saturday’s kickoff rally. In a report from the DailyWire, Trump was also given a warning aboard Air Force one that the crowd was less than what the campaign team had originally expected.

In a report from the New York Times, the left-wing media outlet claimed that the White House staff believed that there are several factors that would have probably contributed to the low attendance rate. This could be as a result of social media trickster, COVID-19 concerns, and a decline among GOP supporters. NYT also claimed that the campaign team’s high expectations and false promises might also be the main reason for the low-turnaround. One supporter claimed, “They gave adversaries and media a gift. It was overconfidence.”

On Monday, CNN reported that the President’s advisor, as well as some Republican donors, are planning to press charges against the campaign team as the President’s re-election campaign, for allegedly giving leverage to Trump’s opponent, Joe Biden.