As the increasing anti-confederate sentiment continues, members of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement clashed against white activists who called themselves “Stand As One” at the monument of former Vice-president and proponent of slavery, John Calhoun, in Charleston, South Carolina.

In a disgusting public display, white activists painted themselves with make-up to look like whip marks and wore a noose around their necks as they reenact the historical roles of slaves. The activists also carried signs which read “Cracker for Sale” and “Hang That Cracker” as they tried to depict a picture of what white people would look if the roles were reversed. They also repeatedly asked, “What if this is your (white) history?” However, the group’s action massively backfired, as members of the BLM movement booed and criticized them for their insensitive remarks.


BLM supporters also asked the group to leave Marion Square. “I know you’re fing kidding me! I know you’re fing kidding me!” one protester screamed in disbelief.

Calhoun was a Democrat and a strong proponent of slavery in the South. In 1810, he was elected in Congress, as a federalist. He had also served as the country’s vice-president under John Quincy Adam in 1824. However, he switched sides to the Democratic party in 1828, under Andrew Jackson, and subsequently won the election.

As a response to increased tariffs from Congress, the Vice-president wrote an essay “South Carolina Exposition and Protest” as a way to condemn the government’s action. Calhoun believed that the Constitution had prevented Congress from taking power over slavery. What’s worse, he also believed that whites had improved the lives of “savages. He wrote, “ It came to us in a low, degraded, and savage condition, and in the course of a few generations it has grown up under the fostering care of our institutions.”

Across the country, protesters were tearing down and burning confederate monuments, and even tagging along with the country’s founding fathers. In fact, the American Museum of Natural History declared that they are replacing the statue of Theodore Roosevelt inside the museum, over Hollywood comedian, Robbie Williams. In an announcement, the museum president Ellen Futter claimed that the “The bronze statue of Theodore Roosevelt, on horseback and flanked by a Native American man and an African man, which has presided over the entrance to the American Museum of Natural History in New York since 1940, is coming down.”

Moreover, other sporting events such as NASCAR announced that it has banned Confederate flags from all its sporting events. However, ESPN reported that a flag was spotted outside Talladega Speedway on Sunday. The sports outlet claimed that as a form of protest, vehicles lined up as they waved flags, and flew a plane which read “Defund NASCAR.”