On Tuesday, Al Jazeera English White House correspondent Kimberly Halkett found herself in hot water after speculations rose that she had called Press Secretary, Kayleigh McEnanny a “lying bi***” during a White House press briefing.

Halkett seemed to have strong words against the Press Secretary as social media pundits alleged that the reporter had thrown in some nasty words. In a social media post, political columnist Benny Jhonson wondered whether Hallkett said the phrase “lying bi***”.

Moreover, Breitbart News reporter, Charlie Spiering tagged the journalist to clarify whether she had indeed lashed out against the Press Secretary. Halkett immediately denied the accusations. She claimed that instead, she said “okay, you don’t want to engage,” and went on to thank Speiring for asking.

During the briefing, McEnany also addressed the issue of whether President Donald Trump had the authority in Portland. The Press secretary confidently responded that the President’s decision was backed by the U.S. constitution. She specifically cited 40 U.S. Code 1315 as proof that Trump had a “lawful jurisdiction” in Portland.

The question was asked by ABC’s Jon Karl on whether the President is allowed to bypass the will of local state officials in deploying federal law enforcement officers. McEnany said that the 1315 “gives DHS the ability to deputize officers in any department or agency, like ICE, Customs and Border Patrol and Secret Service as quote ‘officers and agents.’”

The Press Secretary explained that these officers and agents can be deployed to protect federal property, as well as the “persons in the property”. She went on to say that when demonstrators have destroyed and burned down the courthouse with explosive fireworks, it gives the DHS the authority to respond.

McEnany claps back after allegations surfaced that the Department of Homeland Security was illegally detaining demonstrators following weeks of political unrest in Portland, Oregon. While the DHS has refused to comment on the matter, the Customs and Border Patrol issued a statement. The federal agency claimed that the individual was detained after she had attempted to assault a police officer. Acting DHS Secretary, Chad Wolf also denied claims that they were peacefully exercising their rights.

Wolf claimed that federal officers were either assaulted with lasers and even frozen water bottles from people whom he described as “violent criminals”. Finally, he warned that the DHS would not leave Portland until peace is restored.