On Thursday, Jacob Blake Sr., whose son was shot by law enforcement officers last month in Kenosha, Wisconsin, is set to appear on former Vice-President and Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s presidential campaign. However, Blake, who had served as the voice of liberal activists, shared a long history of making racist, anti-semitic, and anti-christian remarks.

On August 23, police officers who were responding to a call for domestic disturbance shot Jacob Blake Jr. at the back seven times, after he had attempted to flee following a police scuffle. Currently, Blake Jr. is paralyzed after sustaining massive injuries from the shooting. Now, his father is serving as the voice of the Black Lives Matter movement. However, mainstream media refused to reveal Blake’s history of posting both disturbing and problematic statements.

According to a Breitbart News report, the media outlet had uncovered a long list of extreme racist statements from the older Blake. In an Instagram story, Blake claimed that he did not care about the 9/11 attack, which had killed 2,977 people. Instead, he demanded that “white people” should explain to him the death of 12-year old Tamir Rice in 2014.


In addition, he had shared several bigoted social media posts. In one instance, Blake declared that “A jew can’t tell me shit period.”

In another statement, Blake claimed that the Jewish community controlled the media, as well as the economy, and are now playing mind games with the people. In a separate post, he also accused the Jewish people of manipulating the media to identify the so-called “terrorists.” Moreover, he also accused members of the Tree of Life Synagogue, without any valid proof, that they had already received a tip before the mass shooting took place in October of 2018. The shooting became the largest mass murder of Jews in U.S. history, yet the families who have lost their loved ones received n sympathy from the older Blake.

Blake also wrote another problematic post, saying, “A cracker jew can do whatever to a white woman for years but let a jig try it.”

He also called the attendees of the Young Black Leadership Summit as “‘coons”.

He also shared his support for racist, and anti-semite Louis Farrakhan, who had served as the leader of the Nation of Islam. Just like Blake, Farrakhan also had a long history of making racist statements against white people and the Jewish community. Another post showed him flushing a photo of Jesus Christ in a toilet.

Finally, he had also issued statements against Biden’s running mate, Kamala Harris. However, things took a turn when Blake had a CNN interview in which he praised the Biden-Harris campaign.