Twitter literally just posted a few tweets decrying what they say is ‘internet shutdowns’ happening in Uganda:

Twitter strongly condemns internet shutdowns during this Ugandan election. Um, seriously? They were the ones who shut down the New York Post during OUR election. They blocked the account of the New York post for weeks after they published a legitimate article on Hunter Biden’s laptop, and they blocked the story itself on their platform because they were worried it would hurt Joe Biden.

And of course, more recently, they completely blocked the President of the United States from having a voice after blaming him for inciting the Capitol riot. And they are silencing many more MAGAs on the platform, using the riot as an excuse.

ot to mention what’s going on with Parler right now. Has Twitter spoken out against Amazon shutting down their competition? Nope.

Twitter has zero credibility when it comes to censorship because they are one of the worst offenders.