Sunday during an appearance on New York City radio AM 970 “The Cats Roundtable,” former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who also served as President Donald Trump’s legal counsel, reacted to the release of last week’s inspector general report on former FBI Director James Comey.

Giuliani criticized Comey during his interview with “Cats Roundtable” host John Catsimatidis.

“[Comey] should really apologize to the nation,” Giuliani said. “It’s not a good day when the director of the FBI is found to have violated just about every rule the FBI has .. and in a case involving the President of the United States. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that what Comey was trying to do was to frame Trump.”

The former NYC mayor categorized Comey’s behavior as trying to “frame” Trump.

He continued, “I never heard of an FBI director act like this. There were all kinds of rumors about J. Edgar Hoover, but nobody ever suggested that he tried to frame somebody. Nor did he lie as many times as this guy lies, as far as I know … This guy … is a disgrace … There are a lot of people below him, and maybe some people above him, who were involved.”

“He is the guy who prosecuted Martha Stewart,” Giuliani added. “When they couldn’t prove the insider-trading case, they prosecuted her for lying to the FBI. He lied to the court [regarding the FISA court application]. What she said was that she was being prosecuted because she was a celebrity. And I will tell you that I agreed with that at the time. I handled insider-trading cases, and I never prosecuted a one-time insider-trading case … That was the first time I said to myself Comey is a headhunter. The guy who is looking for scalps. Not a true prosecutor, which was kind of embarrassing because I held that office [of US Attorney] and I hired the guy. But now for him to skate on perjury when he put people in jail for perjury, it’s a questionable thing. Spitzer kind of got away with it. He wanted to put people in jail for being Johns, and then it ironically turned out he was one.”