President Trump has long been battling the “fake news” media and their blatant biases, but his latest attacks on The Washington Post mark a new era in the battle for the truth.

From the very beginning of his political career, Trump has been critical of the mainstream media. Perhaps his insider knowledge of the television industry has given him insight as to the truth behind the tabloid-esque nature of infotainment. Or, more likely, the mainstream has turned ever more vitriolic in his wake.

In either case, the Commander in Chief has come out swinging on Saturday, hitting back at The Washington Post after the paper lambasted Trump’s summer of progress.

President Trump on Saturday started his weekend with a furious tweet aimed at two Washington Post reporterswho he said shouldn’t be allowed on White House grounds after the paper published a report detailing what they described as Trump’s “lost summer.”

The Post angered the White House with an article published this week called “Trump’s lost summer” which outlined what some aides described as a summer “defined by self-inflicted controversies and squandered opportunities.”

His tweet was brutal.

The Post made their feelings known as well:

On Saturday, the Post’s Executive Editor Martin Baton said the president’s tweet was part of an effort to intimidate the press.

“The Washington Post is immensely proud to have these two superb journalists on staff. Philip Rucker and Ashley Parker have consistently demonstrated their integrity in covering the White House,” Baron said in a statement. “We stand fully behind them and their important work. The president’s statement fits into a pattern of seeking to denigrate and intimidate the press. It’s unwarranted and dangerous, and it represents a threat to a free press in this country.”

White House Press Secretaries also pushed back against The Washington Post, authoring a piece at The Washington Examiner parodying the tawdry tirades of Rucker and Parker.