Randy Quaid is crazy. Some say he’s crazy like a fox. Others say he’s just plain nuts. But however you feel about the actor is irrelevant to him. He does what he wants and has the videos to prove it. And as of today, he wants to remove Representative Adam Schiff from office. To do so, he’s taking the bull by the horns and intends to run against him in California’s 28th District.

This isn’t the first time Quaid has discussed a run against the impeachment-obsessed Congressman. Four days ago, he announced that he’s considering the run and was met with positive responses.

If he’s serious, today is a great day to announce his run. It’s his birthday.

Quaid has had some episodes in his life that will make it challenging for him to be taken seriously as a candidate, but if recent history has told us anything, past episodes are acceptable as long as they don’t involve sexual offenses. Then again, Anthony Weiner ran again after his initial sexting incidents, so who knows?

One thing is certain. If there’s any district in America that can embrace the craziness of a political candidate, it’s California 28. Perhaps the combination of Quaid’s outspoken support for President Trump and his bombastic ways of making the news can get him a leg up on a Congressman who’s known for being absent from his own district.

All I can say is, I hope he’s serious. Randy Quaid may be crazy, but considering how dastardly Adam Schiff is revealing himself to be, I’ll take crazy over treasonous any day of the week and twice on Tuesdays. Run, Randy, run!