President Donald Trump told an audience member he was “admonished” for shouting “lock her up” during an event in Florida Thursday.

Trump appeared amused by the interruption and said he was compelled to reprimand the man to avoid “fake” coverage from members of the media.

“I’m sorry I smiled,” Trump said. “The fake news is back there. Look at them. They’ll say, ‘it’s terrible, it’s terrible, the president smiled.’ You know they want me to admonish you.”

“Who said that, ‘lock her up’? Stand up please,” he told the person. “I’m admonishing you. Never, ever say that again.”

“That’s okay, sit down. He’s admonished,” Trump said. “So now they can’t do their fake number on us.”

The “lock her up” chant became famous in 2016 when it was deployed against Hillary Clinton, Trump’s opponent in the presidential election. Trump accused her of committing crimes and dubbed her “Crooked Hillary.”

Trump was speaking about major Democratic health care policies that have sugar-coated names when the audience member interrupted him.

“Almost every major Democrat in Washington has backed a massive government health care takeover that would totally obliterate Medicare,” Trump said. “These Democrat policy proposals may go by different names. They have all these wonderful names.”