The Washington Nations visited the White House after they beat the Houston Astros in the MLB World Series and the event was pretty interesting to say the least. The Nationals seemed to greatly enjoy their time at the White House even though Washington D.C. is known to be predominantly Democrat.

At one point during the event, Washington Nationals player Stephen Strasburg was giving a speech in front of his team and the media. After the speech, he turned around where President Trump was holding out his hand for a handshake. It was unclear at the moment if Strasburg did not see the President’s outstretched hand or if he ignored it, as he went on to hug his teammates.

The Washington Post’s Rudy Gersten quickly posted a short, chopped up video clip of Strasburg ‘ignoring’ President Trump’s outstretched hand. We found out later that there was more to the clip…

“Strasburg left Trump hanging,” Gersten said.

What Gersten decided not to include in the video was how Strasburg actually came back and gave President Trump a handshake after he hugged his teammates.


It gets even better. Strasburg himself noticed Gersten’s tweet and decided to tweet for the first time in 18 months, saying “#FakeNews”

Check out the epic viral comeback below:

After being called out, Gersten explained,“I said he left him hanging, which he did the first attempt, and which anybody who has [ever] gone in for an awkward high-five or handshake understood is a common joke. That it’s become a national story… just nuts.”

When someone accused him of editing the video, he responded: “What a load of bulls***. This is what I’m dealing with folks. I edited nothing. Stras did in fact leave him hanging, it was accidental but funny. I also tweeted them shaking hands and acknowledged immediately in the replies they shook. A total of 7 minutes between my tweets. JFC.”

Another notable moment that took place during the Nationals visit to the White House was when Washington Nationals catcher Kurt Suzuki decided to surprise the attendees by coming forward in front of his team and the media wearing a ‘Make America Great Again’ hat.

“I love you all,” Suzuki told the crowd as he lifted his arms in triumph.


The move by Suzuki shocked many considering sports athletes are so nervous to voice their political support of President Trump in fear that the left wing mob will slander them and ruin their image.