One minute on Wednesday, doorbell video cameras in Port Neches, Texas, were recording the uneventful scenes of the yard of Eddie Ramirez.

The next minute, the video was recording the sky light up and a piece of a porch light tumble to ground after a 1 a.m. explosion at the TPC Group’s chemical plant three miles away.

“My video cameras caught the moment impact. I hope and pray that everyone is ok,” Ramirez wrote of the blast, which shattered windows at homes across the area and was felt more than 30 miles from the plant’s location.

Others shared dramatic footage of the explosions and the fires that followed.

Three people were injured after two explosions 45 minutes apart ripped through the plant.

Fifty-thousand people were evacuated from their homes and were allowed to return beginning on Friday, CBS reported.

“I want to make it clear that no one is to approach the TPC plant and the areas that are going to be blocked off,” Jefferson County Judge Jeff Branick said, according to WFAA.