GOP hero Rep. Matt Gaetz (FL) absolutely savaged Democrat Counsel Daniel Goldman during the hearing on Monday.

Gaetz pulled up an old tweet from Daniel Goldman showing how biased he was against Trump and literally made his jaw drop.

“As we sit here today, where you’ve got a tweet mentioning a ‘pee tape,’ presenting yourself not as a partisan, hired by the Democrats to pursue the President…do you regret this tweet?” Gaetz said with a huge board of Goldman’s anti-Trump tweet displayed for everyone to see.

“Nothing in the dossier has proved to be false (including your pee tape)…Everything that has come out so far has shown you to be an out and out liar (eg Cohen tape, purpose of June 9 meeting, etc)” Daniel Goldman said in an August 2018 tweet to President Trump.

As soon as Gaetz called Goldman out for his overt anti-Trump bias, the counsel’s mouth dropped open.