Watch as Mitt Romney stabs the President in the back by saying he’d like to hear from witnesses in the upcoming impeachment trial:

Here’s the transcript of the exchange, which is very enlightening.

RAJU: “So, the President over the weekend called for an outright dismissal of the case. Would you be comfortable with an impeachment trial that did not have witnesses?”

ROMNEY: “I’d like there to be witnesses and be able to hear from someone like John Bolton. At the same time, I’m comfortable with the Clinton model, which is we hear the opening arguments first and then we’ll have a vote on whether or not to have witnesses. I won’t be supporting the Schumer approach, which is to have a vote on witnesses before the opening arguments.”

RAJU: “Maybe start to have conversations with the Republican colleagues about getting a deal on witnesses?”

ROMNEY: “Well, no, we haven’t had a discussion yet, I believe, on which witnesses we might hear from, who we would support, who we wouldn’t. That’s going to happen I think after the opening arguments on both sides.”

RAJU: “And House Republicans, some talk about adding House Republicans to the President’s defense team to argue on his behalf. Would you be comfortable if there were House Republicans making the case for the President?”

ROMNEY: “I think the President is entitled have anyone he’d like make the argument for him, and whether that’s his legal counsel or House Republicans or anybody else, he has the right to defense, and I’m looking forward to hearing his side of the case, because so far we’ve only heard one side.”