The disparity in treatment between corrupt Democrats and President Trump is nowhere more obvious than in how differently that his son has been treated in comparison to Hunter Biden.

Don Jr. has been subjected to media smears, harassment by Mueller and his pack of partisan witch hunters and been dragged before Congress to testify about a 2016 meeting sought by a mysterious Russian lawyer.

Yet when it comes to Hunter Biden, a philandering admitted former drug addict who was booted out of the Navy for cocaine use and used his father’s influence to land a gig with shady Ukrainian gas company Burisma Holdings, he has yet to testify for one minute.

This despite nearly overwhelming questions about the character of the former veep’s son who left a lingering stench of corruption that stretched from Kiev to Beijing.

And Don Jr. has a very serious question of why he was bullied into thirty hours of testimony before hostile inquisitors while Hunter Biden remains untouched.

In an appearance on Fox & Friends, the president’s son posed that question to the hosts during an interview when he took Democrats to the woodshed.

Via CNS News, “Trump, Jr.: I Testified for 30 Hours; ‘Hunter Biden Is Taking Millions…They Don’t Ever Consider Calling Him’”:

After being forced to provide 30 hours of congressional testimony about “a 20-minute unsolicited meeting,” Donald Trump, Jr. is nonplused that Hunter Biden wasn’t even considered as a witness.

Appearing Monday on “Fox and Friends,” President Donald Trump’s son was asked to comment on how the unfair impeachment process had affected his family. He responded with a personal example of how Senate Democrats have targeted, interrogated and vilified him as part of their never-ending efforts to remove his father from office:

“Obviously, there’s the part where you’re watching this stuff going down to your father. But, look at me, for example. I’ve done 30 hours of testimony regarding a 20-minute unsolicited meeting, right?

“Meanwhile, Hunter Biden is taking millions, is literally the start of the entire Ukraine hoax, and they don’t even consider calling him.

“I mean, think about it: 30 hours in front of the House and Senate. I had senators on TV saying that, ‘This man committed treason; he must go to jail for life.’ I mean, this isn’t even hyperbole, anymore. The impeachment hoax started the day my father won the election, okay?

“It started – the articles were written during the inauguration, they were typing them, right, the Washington Post made the case for impeachment literally 20 minutes after the inauguration. This is what the Democrats have been doing from moment one.”

Now that impeachment is over - for now anyway - it could be time for Hunter Biden to be put under the microscope and especially for his dealings in Ukraine, a corrupt ex-Soviet hellhole that served as a home base for Democrat dirty dealings under Barack Obama.

It was recently reported that two powerful Republican senators have requested Hunter Biden’s travel records from the Secret Service in a sign that having a father who was Obama’s point man in Ukraine does not immunize him from scrutiny.

With Democrats in disarray after a hellish week during which Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler and the House impeachment managers had their asses handed to them when the Senate acquitted the POTUS, the opportunity to go on offense has never been better.

And cracking the case on how the Russian collusion hoax that was the basis for the failed coup against President Trump that had roots in Ukraine under Biden could be a devastating blow that Dems may not be able to recover from.

AG Barr and bulldog prosecutor John Durham could blow it all wide open.