At least four Republican Senators tried to stop President Donald Trump from firing Ambassador Gordon Sondland, according to a report from the New York Times.

The Times reports that a handful of Republican senators tried to stop Trump from firing Gordon Sondland, the ambassador to the European Union who testified in the House impeachment hearings.

But the president relieved the diplomat of his post anyway, which is well-within in constitutional and legal rights as president.

The four named Republican Senators in the Times report are:

-Susan Collins (Maine) -Martha McSally (Arizona) -Thom Tillis (North Carolina) -Ron Johnson (Wisconsin)

The NYT reports states:

The senators were concerned that it would look bad for Trump to dismiss Sondland and argued that it was unnecessary, since the ambassador was already talking with senior officials about leaving after the Senate trial, the people said. The senators told White House officials that Sondland should be allowed to depart on his own terms, which would have reduced any political backlash.

But Trump evidently was not interested in a quiet departure, choosing instead to make a point by forcing Sondland out before the ambassador was ready to go. When State Department officials called Sondland on Friday to tell him that he had to resign that day, he resisted, saying that he did not want to be included in what seemed like a larger purge of impeachment witnesses, according to the people informed about the matter.

The Times apparently either does not know or is acting oblivious to the fact that the president has every right to hire and fire officials in his administration.

Sondland played a key role in the ginned-up case that Trump withheld military aid to Ukraine in exchange for an investigation of the Bidens.

Sondland’s ouster came on the same day that Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman – who also teamed up with Rep. Adam Schiff and testified against Trump during the impeachment charade in the House of Representatives – was fired from the National Security Council.

Florida GOP Sen. Marco Rubio said it best after the news, saying on Twitter that the president has the right to be surrounded with people who he can trust.

Now that the impeachment witch hunt is over, Trump can get back to draining the D.C. swamp of disloyal leakers who are still trying to undermine him.