According to a bombshell report, Attorney General Bill Barr has opened an investigation, separate from John Durham’s investigation into the origins of the Russia probe, into matters regarding Ukraine. The case will be handled by a U.S prosecutor in Pittsburgh.

Here is the original report from Catherine Herridge:

Scott W. Brady, the potential U.S. prosecutor reviewing the case, was appointed by President Donald Trump September 18th, 2017, and he specializes in white-collar crimes, having overseen hundreds of high profile cases throughout his career.

It seems like the GOP and the Justice Department have really begun stepping up their investigations into the Biden’s. Last Thursday, the Treasury Department responded to requests from the GOP by providing “‘evidence’ of questionable origin” regarding Hunter Biden’s business affairs with China and Ukraine to them. Top Republicans have also requested his travel records from the Secret Service.

As far as formal criminal investigations go, this is a developing story…