New reports from the Intelligence Community indicate that President Trump was warned about the real threat of the coronavirus in January, and they alerted him to the fact that the Chinese Communist Party was “minimizing the severity of the outbreak” within their cities.

This warning from intelligence officials led to swift and decisive actions from the Trump administration, yet critics continue to argue that President Trump had downplayed the intensity of the virus, causing a lack of preparedness for the United States.

According to the report from the Washington Post, spy agencies issued the warning to President Trump during a classified briefing, coming to the conclusion that China was lying after studying the spread of the virus throughout other countries.

Check out what the Washington Examiner reported below:

The U.S. Intelligence Community warned President Trump in early 2020 that the Chinese Communist Party was downplaying the real threat posed by the novel coronavirus outbreak, which has since become a pandemic with more than 300,000 confirmed cases around the world.

The Trump administration was advised in January and February that Chinese officials “appeared to be minimizing the severity of the outbreak” and “were not being candid about the true scale of the crisis,” according to a report Friday by the Washington Post.

This news led to the Trump administration establishing travel restrictions to China on January 31st, despite the backlash from a wide range of Democrats who have accused him of being racist for doing so, including Democratic front-runner Joe Biden.

President Trump also declared a public health emergency for the virus on the very same day he had announced the travel restrictions to China.

Regardless of the early actions from the Trump administration, top Democrats have only expanded on their attacks against President Trump over his handling of the coronavirus. Most recently, some have even played into the hands of China’s massive disinformation campaign, claiming the use of the phrase “Chinese Virus” is racist and/or creates a stigma for certain people, although President Trump made it clear that he will not let China place blame for the virus upon the United States.

The constant attacks from the Democratic party are nothing but projection, and a timeline of the pandemic tells the true story in chronological order. After months of trying to impeach President Trump in late 2019, Democrats finally turned their focus on the pandemic on February 5th, nearly an entire month after the first death from the virus had been reported.