The Communist Chinese government seized on yesterday’s riots in the U.S. Capitol to justify its brutal crackdown on protesters in Hong Kong.

CCP government mouthpiece the Global Times posted images of chaos from both riots to highlight western media double standards in offering tacit support for the unrest in Hong Kong while denouncing what happened in Capitol Hill as an “insurrection.”

China’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying highlighted Nancy Pelosi’s description of the riots in Hong Kong as a “beautiful sight to behold” and urged “people to reflect on why some people and media in US gave different narrative on social turmoil in Hong Kong in 2019.”

Hong Kong was hit by widespread protests and riots throughout 2019 during which demonstrators occupied and vandalized legislative buildings.

The same day that Trump supporters stormed the Capitol building, China arrested 50 pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong for an alleged violation of a new national security law.

Four people died after Trump supporters stormed the building, leading to calls for Trump to be exiled, an outcome that would probably enlist the support of the Chinese government.